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New Product Developmen- UV Laser Printer for Bottling Cap


This UV Laser Printer is  new product developed by our company. This UV Laser Printer works form automatic cap feeding to cap pritnting. And this UV Laser printer has unique technology: Red-Light Positiong and Red-lingt focusing, which can print a clear pattern on the bottle cap

Advantages of UV Laser Pinter 

* No need ink, no need solvent, no need any cleaning agent. No need maintenance, no any consumable parts, only electricity power is enough

* Small size and the unique design structure is easy to install to complex or narrow space.

* No limiting characters in the working area.

* Non-stopping working for 24 hours.

* Safety and environmental protection work does not produce pollution

* No daily consumption costs

* Marking effect is unique and clear, cannot be smeared and changed, water proof

* Not required for lack and offline maintenance

Shping the UV Laser Printer to Myanmar