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Some common clean room accessories


A clean room accessory refers to any equipment or item that is used to maintain cleanliness, control contamination, or ensure proper safety protocols in a clean room environment. Clean rooms are highly controlled environments typically found in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, and research laboratories, where even small particles or contaminants can have a significant impact on the production process or research outcomes.

Here are some common clean room accessories:

Clean room garments: These include coveralls, smocks, hoods, boots, and gloves made from specialized materials that prevent the shedding of particles and help maintain a sterile environment.

Clean room footwear: Specialized shoes or shoe covers are used to prevent contamination from footwear when entering the clean room.

Clean room masks and respirators: Masks and respirators are worn to prevent the entry of particles and contaminants into the respiratory system.

Clean room wipes and swabs: These are lint-free wipes and swabs that are used to clean surfaces or equipment within the clean room while minimizing the generation of particles.

Clean room gloves: Gloves made from low-particulate materials, such as nitrile or latex, are worn to minimize the transfer of contaminants from hands to the clean room environment.

Clean room mats and sticky mats: Sticky mats are placed at the entrance of clean rooms to remove dust and debris from the soles of footwear before entering.

Clean room air showers: Air showers are used at the entry or exit points of clean rooms to remove particles from personnel before entering or leaving the clean room.

Clean room furniture and equipment: Specialized furniture, such as workstations, benches, and storage cabinets, designed for clean room environments are used to prevent contamination.

Clean room monitoring systems: These include particle counters, temperature and humidity monitors, and air flow sensors to ensure that the clean room environment meets the required standards.

Clean room curtains and barriers: These are used to create partitions within the clean room, controlling the flow of personnel and minimizing cross-contamination.

It's important to note that the specific clean room accessories required may vary depending on the classification and requirements of the clean room facility.