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Bottled water production line Let you know what equipment is composed of a complete large barrel water filling line


The bottled water production line includes the functions of disinfection, rinsing, filling and capping of empty barrels. The large bucket of water we often talk about is 5 gallons of 18.9L capacity. In our country, bottled water is recycled and reused. The country also has strict requirements on the material of empty barrels. It must be made of PC material, which has replaced the PET material used in the past. During the recycling process, no harmful substances enter the water body, which affects consumption. the health of the person. Of course, the barreled water filling machine is only an important part of the overall barreled water production line. Let me explain them one by one, so that users who need to purchase barreled water equipment have a preliminary understanding of the configuration of the entire barreled water production line.

The bottled water production line completes the filling function, and is only responsible for filling the water into the interior of the empty barrels. Water comes from nature, and in contact with nature, microorganisms, impurity dust particles, bacteria, etc. will enter the source water. We will analyze and configure a set of reasonable source water filtration and purification equipment according to the source water test results. Mineral water contains natural minerals and trace elements, and long-term drinking is beneficial to health. Compared with the pure water system, the mineral water system is more complicated, it needs to retain as many trace elements as possible, and reduce the composition of harmful substances, so as to meet the national drinking mineral water standards.

In the bottled water production line, the lid of the empty barrel needs to be removed to recover the empty barrel. The lid of good quality can also be reused. Here is the automatic lid removal machine for empty barrels, which removes the lid from the empty barrel through photoelectric detection and mechanical lid removal device. . With the automatic bucket lifting function, once it is detected that the empty bucket has not been pulled out, the empty bucket will be automatically rejected, so as not to affect the following processes.

In the bottled water production line, the rotary external brushing machine can clean the outer surface and bottom of the empty bucket. Compared with the linear brushing machine, the contact time with the brush is longer and the contact area is larger. Of course, cleaning The effect is better, but the equipment cost will be slightly higher. Add some detergent to the water in the spin wash process to help remove stubborn stains. Extend it at the outlet of the external brush machine, and use tap water to rinse the surface of the empty bucket.

The cap removal and external brushing of the front section of the bottled water production line are automatically completed by photoelectric detection, and only need to manually load the barrel. The automatic barrel loading device will send the cleaned empty barrels into the barreled water filling machine to complete disinfection, rinsing, filling and capping. The disinfection and washing process inside the empty barrel is particularly important, which is related to the safety of production, mainly the drinking health and safety of consumers. According to national standards, there are at least 10 disinfection and rinsing procedures, and we basically have to do 12 procedures, namely hot lye flushing, chlorine dioxide flushing, circulating water flushing, and finished mineral water flushing. Mixing, and the drip-drying process is also arranged inside. In order to achieve better disinfection and washing effect, the high-pressure spray head also has an automatic lifting function. The high-pressure spray head is deep into the empty bucket. Under the action of high water pressure, the spray head rotates to spray the inside of the empty bucket 360 degrees with high-pressure spray. In order to achieve the effect of disinfection and washing, the outer surface of the empty barrel is disinfected and washed by spraying. Of course, users can customize the disinfection and washing process according to their actual ideas.

The lifting type capping machine that cooperates with the bottled water production line automatically sends the bucket cover to the cover disinfection and rinsing tunnel, uses the disinfection liquid to continuously circulate the bucket to disinfect the bucket cover, and then uses the finished mineral water to rinse the cover. After drying, enter the cover cage and wait for the cover operation. The bottled water filling is controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve. Once the empty barrel in-position signal is received, the filling pump will start first, and then the pneumatic butterfly valve will be opened. The speed of the filling pump is controlled by the frequency conversion controller. The filling speed is very fast at first. For a certain period of time, when the filling liquid level is close to the mouth of the barrel, the filling speed will be reduced. When the filling is completed, the pneumatic butterfly valve will be closed, and then the filling pump will stop to complete the entire filling process. The filling level is set by the PLC to set the filling time, and the flow control valve is used to control the flow of each filling valve, so as to keep the liquid level of each barrel of water consistent.

In the bottled water production line, after the sealing of the bottled water is completed, it will enter the following process with the transportation. Light inspection equipment is an essential and important process for inspecting qualified bottled water. It uses artificial naked eyes to detect whether there are impurities in the barrels of mineral water, and remove unqualified products. Then it enters the sleeve labeling process, which is completed by a fully automatic sleeve labeling machine, which is also matched with a steam shrinking labeling machine, so that the label is tightly compressed at the mouth of the barrel. The barrel mouth sleeve labeling machine adopts the screw feeding method, and the photoelectric detection signal controls the action of the label driver to realize the actions of subscripting, label cutting, and labeling.

Bottled water mineral water automatic filling machine, after putting on the label, it is necessary to print or engrave the current production date on the label. The automatic bagging machine has replaced manual bagging. The operation is very simple and convenient, and it only needs to manually add the roll film. The bottled water is conveyed by the belt. When it reaches the position close to the film sleeve, the contact signal drives the film feeding motor to run, and a little film is sent in advance, so as to prevent the barreled water from pulling the film hard and causing damage to the film or the machine. The temperature of the sealing and cutting knife can be controlled independently. The quality and thickness of the film purchased by different users are different, so it needs to be adjusted to a suitable temperature.

The automatic filling machine for bottled water and mineral water, and the automatic palletizer can automatically arrange the large buckets of water after bagging according to the ranks set in advance, instead of manual handling, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Generally, 3 layers are stacked, mainly considering that the stacking is too high, which will crush the bottled water below, which also considers the quality of the empty barrels.