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Integrated rural drinking water treatment equipment sewage


Integrated rural drinking water treatment equipment sewage. The process water adopts the circulating water drainage sewage of the unit and the reverse osmosis concentrated water of the boiler make-up water treatment system. The desulfurization wastewater comes from part of the wastewater discharged from the absorption tower in the flue gas wet desulfurization process. During the continuous circulation of the slurry in the absorption tower, it will gradually enrich the suspended solids, trace heavy metal elements, supersaturated sulfites, sulfates , chloride and other impurities. In order to maintain the material balance in the slurry circulation system of the desulfurization unit and ensure the quality of gypsum, a certain amount of wastewater must be discharged from the system to reduce the concentration of impurities, and many substances in the impurities are the first type of pollutants required to be strictly controlled in the national environmental protection standards. Improper treatment will inevitably cause serious pollution to the environment, so zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater is an inevitable choice. Physicochemical desulfurization wastewater treatment is mainly composed of three systems: wastewater treatment, sludge treatment and dosing treatment, including several processes such as homogenization, neutralization, sedimentation, flocculation, concentration and clarification, and the main equipment includes pH adjustment box, reaction box , flocculation tank, clarifier, water purification tank, sludge dewatering machine, water pump, agitator, scraper, chemical storage and dosing device, etc. Chemicals are automatically added according to the flow and nature of wastewater.